Aeros launches ‘fast track programme’ for £59,954

iStock_000055322498_MediumAeros Flight Training, a UK flight school, has launched the Aeros Fastrack programme in April 2016 to mark the company’s 30th anniversary.

According to the ATO, the aim of Aeros Fastrack is to provide high quality, professional flight training to prospective airline pilots with little or no aviation experience, via ‘continuous Modular training’.

Managing Director, Nick Dunn, said, “With Aeros Fastrack, we now specialise in the training of pilots with no flying experience to become airline pilots via continuous Modular training. We have been trialling Aeros Fastrack over the past two years with great success. So far it has a 100% employment rate and a 100% first series pass rate. Aeros Fastrack is a flexible, cost effective alternative to Integrated courses that offers the same high quality training at each of our five approved training sites in the UK.”

Aeros Fastrack students will complete 11 Modules, starting with an initial assessment before progression onto PPL, CPL, MEP and IR training, including all written examinations. The programme finishes upon completion of the Multi-Crew Co-operation Course (MCC) and Jet Orientation Course (JOC) for which we provide a Performance Grading.

One aspect of the programme that makes Aeros Fastrack stand out from other flight training courses, the trainer says, is the inclusion of an IMC rating. This allows students to reduce the number of required CPL training hours from 25 to 15, through the issuing of a Basic Instrument Flight Module certificate (BIFM). In addition to the current standard training requirements, Aeros Fastrack also offers Upset Prevention & Recovery Training.

The majority of full-time students complete their training in 12-18 months but currently there are a number of students on track to finish in nine months. Students that have trained with Aeros are now flying with airlines such as Emirates, Ryanair, Flybe, Jet2, Eastern Airways, BA CityFlyer and Loganair, whilst others are employed as instructors.

Priced at £59,954, Aeros Fastrack includes all landing, approach fees, CAA test fees and licence issue fees for the duration of the training. For more information on Aeros Fastrack, visit