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Aer Lingus launches 2014 Cadet Training Programme

Aer.lingus.a320-200.ei-dea.may06.arpAer Lingus has announced the launch of its 2014 Cadet Pilot Training Programme. The airline funds a substantial portion of the costs and provides a mentored programme throughout the duration of the course. This involves regular contact with a Cadet Liaison Pilot, who will oversee cadets’ progress and provide advice and guidance throughout the training.

The course is expected to begin January/February 2015 and the training will take place at Flight Training Europe in Jerez, Spain, taking approximately 64 weeks to complete.

The approximate cost of the initial training programme is €100,000. If cadets are successful in their application they will be required to fund approximately 25% of this training cost during the course. The payments are made directly to the Flight Training School on a phased basis over five instalments. The Flight Training School will provide further details at a later time.

When cadets have qualified from flight school they will be scheduled for the Airbus A320 type rating course. The timing of these courses will be subject to pilot crewing demands. The course comprises of computer-based training and simulator exercises, to ensure pilots have a high standard of proficiency to fly the aircraft.

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