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We offer the opportunity to:

Educate the Pilot Career News audience about your company and products.

Brand your company as the expert.

Strengthen your competitive position within the industry.

Produce sales.

Tailor multiple packages available to meet any budget.

Online Specifications

We can accept finished artwork in the following formats: .gif, .jpeg, .swf

NB: We do not currently support HTML5

When supplying Flash-based web adverts, please follow these guidelines;

The Flash advert must be supplied with a ‘backup’ image which will be served if there is a problem loading the Flash advert, or if the user is viewing the advert on a device which does not support Flash.

The Flash advert should be self contained. There should be no references/calls made to external files hosted on third party web servers.

The advert cannot contain/make use of sound.

The advert should contain a hardcoded URL or contain Click Tags.

Seager reserves the right to return any ad not meeting these guidelines to the advertiser for resubmission. Any Flash-based web ads which require additional work by Seager to meet these guidelines will be subject to an additional fee.

A detailed .swf specification document is available on request.

Maximise your presence

MPU (250 x 250 pixels) – 30 day £350

Sponsored content (starting from) – 30 day £1995

Brought to you by – £POA


While we offer these simple, off-the-peg solutions which will suit a variety of campaigns, we also regularly work alongside developers and designers to create bespoke, effective campaigns to suit your company’s individual needs. Please contact us to find out more about a tailored campaign.

Darran Ward +44 (0)1225 632194 darran.ward@seager.aero
Darran Ward
+44 (0)1225 632194
Darran Ward +44 (0)1225 632194 darran.ward@seager.aero
Paul Yates
+44 (0)1225 632189