Airways College launches Integrated programme


Airways College, an ATO based in France, has revealed its new integrated programme for future line pilots. Called NG300, the company says the programme is the result of six-­months discussion and close collaboration with airlines, HR directors and captains.

NG300 training program comprises:

  • A total of 300 practice hours (simulator + flight)
  • 74 twin-engine flying hours are also included, in preparation for a future twin-­jet pilot career
  • The included UPRT module (Upset Prevention and Recovery Training) teaches anticipation and management of loss of control recovery in flight. This module, supervised by test pilots, will be compulsory from 2018 (NPA 2015/13) onwards
  • The LOFT module (Line Oriented Flight Training) comprises 40 simulator hours (after the thirty-­hour MCC phase) and is a module that really aims to immerse students in an airline operations context, permitting them to complete their training with an advanced level of competency concerning operational aspects of line flight operation
  • 1,200 hours of theoretical and practical work in parallel.

“We constructed our NG300 program, going beyond prerequisites, with key people from the aviation sector, such as pilots and recruiters. Our students will emerge from their training with a higher level than that of the competition and this will really make the difference to their CV when applying to an airline company,” said Sébastien Lefebvre, Director, Airways College, explaining that the programme’s flight instruction was conceived with airline and air business companies in mind, with specific situations and programs devised to better prepare students for future employment. “This has been a wish of Airline companies for a long time, much more than simply learning how to fly,” Lefebvre explains.

The college is holding open days at its facilities on Saturday 9 April (Agen & Nîmes) and Saturday 23 April (Cholet). More details of the programme can be found at