2FLY offers $500,000 in scholarships

2FLY ATPL scholarships

2FLY Group is offering a limited number of scholarships to aspiring pilots who enrol within the next few months on either an FAA Career Pilot Program or an EASA Pro-Pilot Airline Programme as part of the company’s response to the Covid-19 pandemedic.

Having witnessed similar crises before where the aviation industry bounces back and resumes its continued growth, 2FLY says it is confident that the same pattern will follow.

2FLY is offering a scholarship to the first 50 new applicants of up to $10,000 each towards their training costs.

The scholarships will be awarded to those who fulfil the criteria. Scholarship candidates will start training soon after current travel restrictions are lifted.

“We know many have been impacted financially due to Covid-19 and now find themselves in a difficult position to fund their pilot training,” said Adam Brumbaugh, vice-president at 2FLY Group.

“We are delighted to offer new pilot applicants a training scholarship to help them realise their goals.”

The criteria for gaining a scholarship varies depending on which licences candidates are seeking to acquire.

Apply to the appropriate training centre:

US FAA Training: www.2FlyAirborne.com

European EASA Training: www.2FlyProPilot.com